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The FJC Fellowship is a paid, 21-month fellowship for recent college graduates seeking professional opportunities in the field of Jewish Camp. Fellows spend the academic year working full-time at Foundation for Jewish Camp in New York City, Los Angeles, or the San Francisco Bay Area. Each Fellow will work on different projects at FJC, providing valuable support for field-wide initiatives, large-scale FJC programs, and organizational operations. Fellows will be supervised by senior FJC professionals, attend key meetings and events, and be exposed to the inner workings of a national non-profit organization. Individually and as a cohort, Fellows will have access to professional development opportunities and mentorship from Jewish camp professionals. Fellows spend the summer working in a leadership role at a Jewish overnight or day camp. 

The deadline for this application is Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

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Your Information

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Camp Information

If you are not currently affiliated with a camp, please write "unaffiliated"

Fellowship Positions and Locations
FJC is currently hiring 3 FJC Fellows. Each fellow will work in a different programmatic area, supporting FJC’s leadership/professional development programs and educational initiatives for camp counselors and camp professionals. You may apply for up to 2 fellowship portfolios.

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Your Experience

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Please list 2 professional references.

These individuals should be different than your camp director/the person submitting your camp recommendation. At least one of these references should be someone you know from a context other than camp. Include their name, email, phone number, and the context in which they know you.

Short Answer Questions

Pick 2 of the questions below to answer.  Please answer the first briefly in writing (200 words or less) and the other, please answer with a short video response (2 minutes or less - really!).

We are not looking for professional video production here- this is just a different way for us to get to know you and hear your voice! 

  1. If you could use a crystal ball to see what your camp looks like 5 years from now, what would you wish would change? What do you wish would stay the same? (Please include why!)
  2. Tell us about a great teacher you’ve had or an educator you’ve learned from/with (high school, college, a non-school setting, etc.). What made them great, and what qualities do you (or do you aspire to) take on from them? 
  3. This past year has been challenging in many ways. What do you know about yourself now that you did not know a year ago, and how did you learn it?
  4. Please choose a metaphor to describe you at your best and explain it. For instance, “When I am at my best, I am like a DJ playing music for a party because..." or "I am like a big strong tree in the middle of a field because...”
  5. Teach/show us how to do something that you love. Pick any content that you would like (something thought provoking, mundane, silly or that shows off your unique talents) - in this question, we are looking to get a taste of your facilitation style and how you think. Note: this question would be better of course for a video response if you choose to respond.

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