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FJC Fellowship 2021-2023 Directors’ Recommendation & Participation Form

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The FJC Fellowship is a paid, 21-month fellowship for recent college graduates seeking professional opportunities in the field of Jewish Camp. Fellows spend the academic year working full-time at Foundation for Jewish Camp in New York City, Los Angeles or the San Francisco Bay Area. Fellows spend the summer working in a leadership role at their home summer camp. 

Each Fellow will work on different projects at FJC, providing valuable support for field-wide initiatives, large-scale FJC programs, and organizational operations. Fellows will be supervised by senior FJC professionals, attend key meetings and events, and be exposed to the inner workings of a national non-profit organization. Individually and as a cohort, Fellows will have access to professional development opportunities and mentorship from Jewish camp professionals. 

We are now accepting applications for the second cohort of FJC Fellows!  This form must be submitted as part of every prospective Fellows’ application by their camp director (or other senior member of the year-round leadership team) by no later than Tuesday, February 16, 2021 at 11:59pm Pacific Time.

Please CLICK HERE to review the FJC Fellowship Camp Partner Information prior to completing this form.

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Fellow Information

Name of applicant you are recommending 

Your Information

Letter of Recommendation

Please limit your recommendation to a maximum of 1-typed page, and upload your document in PDF format.

Please address the following items in your recommendation:

  • For how long and in what capacity you have known the applicant*
  • The applicant's capacity to work effectively with others and be a self-starter
  • The applicant's degree of self-awareness
  • Why the FJC Fellowship, and the specific Fellowship(s) they are applying for, would be a good fit for them and your camp at this time
  • The applicant's skill-sets or areas of development that would be appropriate growth areas to focus on improving during the Fellowship 
  • Any other assessment that you would like to share with us

Again, please note that the application deadline is February 16, 2021. It is the applicant's responsibility to ensure that all materials, including letters of recommendation, are submitted on time.

*FJC is open to camps applying to the Fellowship with applicants that have not grown up or worked at this camp before.  In these cases, the recommendation letter should address how you have gotten to know the applicant and where you see them fitting into your camp staff and culture. Please reach out to Julie ( if you need additional guidance in this area.

Please make sure your file does not exceed 35 MB.
Confirmation Acknowledgement

Fellows are full time FJC employees for the entire 21-month Fellowship experience, including the months they are working at their Jewish camp. Interested camp partners must commit to the following in order to participate in the Fellowship program:

  • Hire the Fellow to work at camp for summer 2022, in a seasonal leadership role (e.g. unit leader, activity head, or other senior/supervisory position).*
  • Pay $6,000 to FJC to account for Fellow’s summer compensation, some pre-camp/year round work, and program administration. Camps are not expected to compensate Fellows additionally for their work at camp during summer 2022. 
  • Cover the Fellow’s travel to and from camp (according to camp’s policy for all staff), and any year-round camp staff training gatherings they are required to attend.
  • Host the Fellow’s FJC supervisor for a visit to the Fellow at camp in summer 2022.
  • Allow the Fellow to participate in an FJC site visit of another Jewish camp in summer 2022 to expand their knowledge of and exposure to the broader field (separate from a day off from camp).
  • Semi-annual check-ins with the Fellow and their FJC supervisor to enhance the Fellow’s professional growth and continuity of professional development
 *Fellows are encouraged to work at camp in summer 2021 and/or summer 2023 if they desire, and a position is available. This time, however, is optional and outside of the formal framework of the Fellowship.

Additional Information

We of course understand that this plan may evolve over time.

We of course understand that this plan may evolve over time.