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If you just completed a project for ONDA's Independent Stewards program you have come to the right place!

Please spend a few minutes filling this form out to communicate the details of your project. Your hours, miles, and sweat go a long way towards helping us achieve conservation outcomes for the high desert, and this report will help us tell the story of your work on behalf of these places. 

Note: for those volunteers completing this project in pairs only one of you needs to fill out the ISP reporting form, but please include the other volunteer's name(s) as indicated below. If your hours, mileage, and expenses differed or you didn't drive together, please fill out separate reports.

We only need one person to record that actual work that was done if you were doing it together. For example if two people mapped a mile of fence, we only need one of you to report that mile. Please ask us if you have any questions about this: monitoring@onda.org.
Please ensure the email address entered here is unique to you and matches the email address you used to join the ISP program.
Enter a number (no other text). Include project prep time, drive time, post-project data/photo processing & reporting.
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Project Details
Please fill out this information as it applied to your project. 
  • If your project used the RIMS or Survey123 app, you can get your total number of photo points from the total number of assessments or surveys you submitted. 
  • The number of wildlife observations taken field will only apply if you chose to participate in the Wildlife Monitoring project, leave blank if you have nothing to report.
If you have photos/data to upload, stewardship staff should have sent you information on submitting that information to ONDA. If you need assistance with the upload please contact us at monitoring@onda.org.
How did it go?
We'd love to hear about your experience completing the project and exploring the desert.