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If you have more than one employer and/or job to report, please complete this page with employment information for one job, submit the form, and then complete it again for each additional job you need to report.

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I-983 Update
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If you are submitting the I-983 for new employment or material changes, you must submit pages 1-4. 
If you are submitting an annual or end of employment evaluation, you need to submit page 5 only. 

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If you have additional employment to report, please submit this form again for each additional job or employer.

If you are reporting an employment update, you will not receive a confirmation when this information has been updated, but if you have questions, please email us at  

If you are reporting that you will not use OPT, will end OPT early, have an H1-B application filed on your behalf, or have an approved adjustment/change of status, ISS may need to follow up with you to get further information.

Please remember to report all address updates through your SEVP portal account.

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