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We do not have a word count on our forms but please be brief and concise.

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Additional senior contact for application

This contact must be different from the person completing the form. For charities, it must be a trustee (ideally treasurer or chair). For companies, it must be a director.

We are a Living Wage Funder. We seek to ensure that all posts which we wholly or partially fund pay the Living Wage unless there are particular reasons for this not to happen. Organisations do not need to be registered Living Wage employers to apply to us but we do encourage organisations to consider whether this is a possibility for them.

We define ‘led by’ as when more than 50% of an organisation’s Trustees and senior management are people with lived experience

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100 characters max

What exactly would the project or service do? Please use bullet points (no more than 10) to give us a step by step account

What evidence exists to substantiate the need for this project (statistics, research projects, quotes from official reports)?

How and why do you think the approach outlined above would help to enable low-income Lambeth residents to move into employment

We must know that any grant from the Walcot Foundation (WF) would be directed only at Lambeth residents from low-income households. That means households dependent on out of work benefits or in receipt of tax credits or with no recourse to public funds.

How can you assure us that if the lead worker associated with this project was to leave your organisation, that the project would not be negatively impacted?

A serious incident is an adverse event, whether actual or alleged, which results in or risks significant: • harm to your organisation’s beneficiaries, staff, volunteers or others who come into contact with your charity through its work • loss of your organisation’s money or assets or damage to your organisation’s property • harm to your organisation’s work or reputation

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OUTPUTS:If your organisation was awarded a grant what outputs would you aim to achieve? It is very important that these are realistic as this is what will be used to measure the success of any grant awarded.  It needs to have metric assigned to it (e.g. how many low-income Lambeth individuals will receive this activity, over what period, how many hours etc.) and also what will be used as an indicator as to whether this has been successfully achieved.  Our definition of an ‘output’ is a specific activity that you will undertake with low-income Lambeth residents.

Example Output: 15 low income Lambeth residents will complete a course (8 x 1 hour sessions) in job search, application and interview skills.  This will be measured by tutor's attendance register (regularly audited by a senior member of staff).

OUTCOMES:  It is not expected that every project funded will achieve every outcome and if any of the fixed outcomes do not apply to your project please mark N/A

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Please give details of how your project has supported a service user(s) into employment


We would like to speak to two representatives of your partner organisations (ideally at least one should be connected to Lambeth and one should be a business/employer/recruiter).  By providing their names and contact details below we will assume that you will have alerted them to the possibility of our contact. Please be aware that we may undertake other conversations about your organisation or proposed project/service with individuals that we believe have relevant knowledge or expertise (e.g. experts in the field, other funders, various Foundation contacts or advisers).

Referee 1 (ideally connected to Lambeth)

Referee 2 (ideally a business/employer/recruiter)

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Please attach a breakdown of all project related expenditure and income (both confirmed and applied for)

Please note that we require a detailed breakdown of each line item.  Please do not say simply ‘management costs’, for example.  We need to know what management costs consist of and how you calculated the figure you are requesting.  Our Governors do not accept random percentages (e.g. Governors would not accept we always add management costs of 10% to every grant request).  They like to know, to the greatest extent possible, what your actual costs are (or are expected to be) and the methods you used at arriving at the figures you present below. Please ensure you fill in the calculation line for every item. Please ensure that you include costing for monitoring your post-project outcomes.

Length of Payee Name should be 18 characters max


Please attach relevant documentation below.  If there are problems with attachments, you can send the documents to Walcot Foundation, 127 Kennington Road, London SE11 6SF or email to  Please note that the maximum size of each file is 5MB.

By clicking SUBMIT below:
  • I certify that the information I have given in this application is complete and correct, and have verified the need for all items requested.  (Please note that a decision will be based on the information given on this form. If a grant is awarded and the information is subsequently found to be incorrect, any grant that had been awarded could be withdrawn and you could be asked to repay any monies already paid).
  • My organisation has no objection to the data contained in this application being held by the Walcot Foundation.
  • My organisation has no objection to the Walcot Foundation discussing this application with any of the referees named by your organisation in the course of the assessment process and other appropriate organisations and individuals (e.g. other funders listed on the application form).
  • My organisation has no objection to the data contained in this application being shared with the Walcot Foundation’s capacity building service delivered and managed by CLEN CIC if the Walcot Foundation believes a referral to this service could be useful for my organisation.  I understand that a potential referral would be discussed with my organisation first, my organisation would be copied on the Walcot Foundation’s referral to CLEN CIC and that my organisation could decline the offer to work with CLEN CIC (but that if working with CLEN CIC is a grant condition and my organisation chooses not to take up the offer, the grant offer will be withdrawn).
  • To help the Walcot Foundation monitor and evaluate its work, I agree I may be contacted in the future whether or not this application is successful. This would be to obtain feedback on the Walcot Foundation’s work and to see if there are other ways the Walcot Foundation could be of assistance.
  • I understand that if I provided an email address, the Foundation will automatically sign me up to receive occasional eNewsletters which contain information about further grant opportunities.  [If you do not wish to be added to the eNewsletter list, please contact us]

PLEASE NOTE - when you click 'Submit', you will get a preview of your completed form which you can print and review before you finally submit.  Also after submission, you will get an email copy of your application form.