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Clinic membership annual dues are based on a sliding scale relative to your organization's annual budgeted revenue.

The CCHF family appreciates the role that your clinic plays in our movement and the unique pressures that smaller or newer clinics sometimes face. We recognize that often clinics that may benefit the most from CCHF are the ones that can least afford it. CCHF will offer the same service to our clinics regardless of their ability to pay. If you need grace, pay what your clinic can afford.

Suggested donation amounts are: 

Annual Budget Suggested Amount
1) <$150,000 $250
2)  $150k-$499k $450
3)  $450k-$749k $800
4)  $750k-$1.1M $1200
5)  $1.2M-$2.9M $1,800
6)  >$3M $2,400
7) +$120 for every million above $3M




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