Fellowship Application 2022/23

Please note that fellowships are limited in number, and the application date has now passed.  Before applying for a fellowship, please contact amira@pardes.org (NA inquiries) or carmella@pardes.org.il (all other countries) to discuss, as some are no longer available

Fellowship applications will be considered only if a completed Year Program application has also been submitted.  Link to the application HERE
Fall semester students are eligible to apply for: Social Action, Global Leadership, Arts and Culture and Bloom Scholar Fellowships. Other fellowships require a year long, full time commitment to study at Pardes.  
Spring semester students are eligible to apply for: Global Leadership, Arts and Culture and Bloom Scholar Fellowships.  

We're sorry. Part-time students are not eligible for these fellowships. You may apply for financial aid for a tuition discount as a part time student using this form. If you wish to apply for a fellowship, you must apply to the Year/Semester Program as a full-time student.

Pardes Global Leadership Fellowship

Pardes Social Action Fellowship

Pardes Arts & Culture Fellowship

Hasidism Research Fellowship

Spirituality Research Fellowship

Jewish History: Legal, Intellectual and Political Research Fellowship

Student Journal Editor Fellowship

Pardes Talmud Skills Research Fellowship

Tanakh Fellowship

Rabbinic Literature Fellowship

BLOOM Scholar

Recommendation Letter

A letter of recommendation from a supervisor who can speak to your relevant community experience and potential growth and contributions through the fellowship is required. This may be one of the two letters of recommendation required for the YP application, or an additional recommendation.

Financial Information

Fellows will receive $200-$600 per month towards living expenses. The exact amount awarded will be determined by financial need. Please complete the following questions about your income and expenses. Enter all amounts in US dollars. (Enter "0" if necessary)

E. Projected income and/or other financial support for the period of study at Pardes

Enter the amounts you expect to receive while at Pardes from the following sources:

Masa Israel Funding

Additional Information

Financial Requests

Should your application for a Fellowship be unsuccessful, we will use this form as an application for financial aid in the form of both grants and interest free loans. Full tuition for the year is $5900 and for a semester $3900. In light of that, please provide the following information. Amounts must be specified:


LIVING EXPENSES (only available for students studying 30+ hours per week)

I certify that all of the above information is accurate and true.

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