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Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities Fund

Section 1: About your group

Your organisation is not eligible for Enabling Neighbourhoods and Communities fund.

The full name of the applicant organisation.

Tell us how your organisation is legally structured.

The registration numbers of the applicant org. at Companies House.

The registration numbers of the applicant org. at OSCR

If you work in more than one area, select the area you operate most frequently in, or Scotland-wide.

Section 2: Contact person

The contact details of the person within the applicant organisation to whom any queries relating to this application may be directed.

We use this data to
  • Assess your application for a grant.
  • Monitor any grant made to your organisation and to perform any other requirements set out in the grant agreement between us.
  • Allow us to perform our part of the grant agreement and to allow us to report to any other organisation involved in the funding of the grant, and our funders, where applicable.
  • Inform you, with your consent, about grant opportunities, training events and relevant seminars and conferences that may be of interest to you and to consult with you through surveys.
  • We may use personal data that identifies you, such as photographs, in our reports to our funders.
  • We will retain your personal data after the completion of the grant agreement for a period specified in the grant agreement.  This will be deleted thereafter, unless you consent for us to retain it.

If you want to find out more about what we do with your data, you can access our Privacy Notice.

Section 3: This application

Provide details of how this funding will be used - this could include a list of items, a break down of costs or brief description of how you arrived at these costs for your activity

Section 4: Supporting information

Please provide the account details which payment of grant should be made to if successful

please attach your most recent bank statement, clearly displaying your sort code and account number, and a copy of your constitution in the Supporting Documents Section.

Please provide details for buddy organisation.


If your group or organisation does not have a constitution or bank account, you can be supported by a ‘Buddy Organisation’.
Buddy organisations must have their own constitution, bank account, and operate within the same local community. They must be willing to hold funds on your group/organisation's behalf.

Please provide the account details which payment of grant should be made to if successful

Attach a copy of their constitution and their most recent bank statement, clearly displaying sort code and account number, in the Supporting Documents section.

Section 5: Attachments

Please ensure all required documents have been attached/uploaded.  Without these documents we may be unable to proceed with your application. 

Section 6: Authorisation

•         I confirm that I am authorised to sign this on behalf of my group/organisation.        
•         To the best of my knowledge, the information given on this form gives a true and accurate account of this organisation's work and needs.       
•         I confirm that Corra Foundation can publish the name and objectives of my group/organisation and the details of financial support given, including as part of media releases or publications.
•         I confirm that Corra Foundation can contact me for the purposes of a customer satisfaction survey.
•         I understand my organisation’s details will not be used for commercial purposes.

By submitting your application you confirm that you understand and accept our obligations under the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) set out in our Privacy Notice.  You also confirm and agree that for the purposes of this particular fund, we will share your information with the Scottish Government.

Section 7: Terms and conditions

 1.    The grant must only be used for the agreed purposes as detailed in the application and in accordance with the terms and conditions of this agreement.  

2.    Agreement that your contact details can be shared with Scottish Government who may contact you directly to discuss this application, grant or the end of grant report.

3.    If the organisation’s circumstances change, the organisation must contact Corra Foundation for advice in the first instance.   

4.    You will provide a short online monitoring report at six months. In the report we will ask about progress of the work and grant spend.  

5.    At the end of the grant period, we may contact you to discuss the impact of your grant. Including information on the activities delivered, the impact of the activity, how it has helped the local community and any challenges faced.  

6.    The organisation must follow protective measures to support the health and wellbeing of all staff, volunteers and other persons you are in contact with. This includes the use of any necessary personal protective equipment/clothing and adhering to social distancing measures as instructed by the Scottish Government.

7.    The organisation must ensure that all necessary safeguarding policies and procedures are in place to support all staff, representatives and other persons involved in your organisation.  You must inform Corra Foundation in the event of any safeguarding issues that may damage the reputation of the organisation.  

8.    The organisation must keep proper and complete financial records of grant expenditure and have suitable financial controls in place. Corra Foundation will reserve the right to review these financial records upon request.   

9.    Information regarding the organisation and the grant may be included on Scottish Government and Corra Foundation’s annual reports.  

10.    Corra Foundation may ask for repayment in whole or part in the event of a breach of any of the terms of this agreement.

11.    If any asset purchased with the grant is disposed of, permission should be sought and Scottish Ministers shall be entitled to the proceeds of the disposal, or a relevant proportion based on the grant funding used to acquire it. This does not apply to assets valued at less than £1,000.


(The) Corra Foundation is a charity registered in Scotland (No SC009481) and is also a company limited by guarantee (No SC096068).  Riverside House, 502 Gorgie Road, Edinburgh EH11 3AF.