LCLJ Registration: 2021-2022

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LCLJ enrollment is a benefit extended to Central Synagogue members in good standing.

"Good standing" means that you have no outstanding balances, or you've arranged a payment plan with us and are current on those arrangements.  Remember that Central is committed to including your family in our community and providing a Jewish education regardless of your financial situation.  To discuss a payment plan for your balance, please contact the Finance department at (212) 838 5122 ext. 2012 or at

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Emergency Contact & Release Authorization

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Dismissal Information

For their safety, children are escorted directly from the school buses into the Community House. Once children enter the building, they may NOT leave the school until classes are dismissed or until a parent or authorized caregiver calls the LCLJ office or arrives for an early dismissal.  Our security team will only release children to adults who are listed as a parent, emergency contact, or authorized caregiver. All parents and caregivers must be photographed in order to receive a key fob from security. For your child's protection, Parents & Caregivers MUST have a key fob and MUST be listed in the Central Synagogue database in order to pick up children from school.

The following person(s), in addition to parents/guardians already entered in this form, is authorized to pick up my child after class:

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If a child of yours that you'd like to register is missing from the list above, please contact the Membership Department at or (212) 838-5122 x3084 and provide that child's name and birthdate PRIOR to beginning the registration of your children in order to ensure you can pay for all children together. 

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