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If you're reading this, something has gone wrong and you've been sent to our old Expression of Interest form. Please click here to see the new form, which includes the ability to apply for our recently reopened A Fairer Future aim.
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Guidance for completing your Expression of Interest

You'll first be asked for some details about your organisation, the work that you do, your contact details and which of Esmée’s impact goals and priorities your work matches. You will then have space to give more information about your work.

  • For new applicants: we want to know more about what you’re aiming to achieve and how you will make it happen with Esmée funding by answering the following two questions. Both answers are meant to be short and you will have 100 words to answer each question. We'll use your answers along with your organisation details and website, to judge whether your work is a potential match for our aims.
    1. What work would you like Esmée to support? 
    2. How is your organisation well placed to deliver this change? 
  • For current grantees who have been invited to apply for extension funding: you will have 150 words per answer to tell us about your plans for the future and how your work has contributed to those plans so far.
Please note that you will not be able to save the form so if you’re not ready to complete your Expression of Interest, you will need to start again. 

Are we the right funder for you?

It is difficult to get funding from Esmée. The vast majority of people who apply for our funding are not supported.

We are choosing to focus our funding on work that we believe will deliver the greatest long-term impact and create change for the future.  For our grant funding, this means we are making a smaller number of larger grants with a more strategic focus, and fewer short-term or small-scale grants.  

Before continuing, please check if we are the right funder for you.


What we don't support:
  • Organisations with a regular annual turnover of less than £100,000 (as reflected in the latest set of accounts)*.
  • Organisations without at least three non-executive trustees or directors.
  • Organisations without an asset lock - unless they are a registered charity.
  • Grants for less than £30,000.
  • Social investments for less than £100,000 or more than £2m.
  • Work that is not legally charitable.
  • Work that does not have a direct benefit in the UK.
  • Grants to individuals.
  • Capital costs including building work, renovations, and equipment (grants only, we may make social investments for these).
  • Academic research – unless it can demonstrate real potential for practical outcomes.
  • Healthcare with a clinical basis, including medical research, hospices, counselling and therapy, arts therapy, education about and treatment for drug and alcohol misuse.
  • Independent education.
  • Work that is primarily the responsibility of statutory authorities.
  • The advancement of religion.
* We will identify new ideas to support which are at an earlier stage and would not get through our applicant quiz. We will contact organisations proactively to apply for this support. 



What we are most likely to fund:
  • Unusual collaborations and ambitious partnerships which are delivering at scale and involving or engaging a range of charity, public sector or corporate stakeholders
  • Work which makes connections across our aims: Our Natural World, A Fairer Future, and Creative, Confident Communities.
  • Communities or people most affected being involved in campaigning or leading change.
  • Work which uses a preventative approach.
  • Work that has practical plans to achieve and sustain change over the long term.
  • For social investments, the existing or potential ability to repay our investment.
  • Alternative forms of investment and social investment in innovative models.


Applicants will need to show that:
  • Their organisation is leading the way itself, or is part of a partnership or collaboration which is aiming for transformative change.
  • The work is pioneering by breaking new ground, or using tried and tested models to push things forward in a new way.
  • The work is ambitious and aiming to make a long-term impact. To be funded by Esmée, it's not enough to be keeping good things going, you need to be driving change for the future.

If you are still not sure if we are the right funder for you, please read our full funding guidance

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion:

We are also gathering Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) data from organisations who apply for our funding. Once you’ve submitted your Expression of Interest, you will be redirected to a DEI monitoring form. We want to use the information we gather to help us identify and address structural inequity, and ensure that the reach of our funding and our funding practices are fair and just.

If you would like to continue to make an application, click the 'Next Page' button. 

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Your Organisation

Search for your Charity Name or Number

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FTE (full time equivalent)
Please enter a round number, without commas or a currency sign

Communities experiencing racial inequity: by this we mean that 75% or more of the Board/Management committee AND 50% of senior staff (where staff exist) are from communities experiencing racial inequity. This is often referred to as 'Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic', 'BAME' or 'Black and Minority Ethnic (BME)'.

Disabled: by this we mean that 75% or more of the Board/Management committee AND 50% of senior staff (where staff exist) are D/deaf or disabled.

In addition to this question, applicants will also be asked to complete a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion monitoring form, which you will be directed to after completing your Expression of Interest.
Your Contact details

Your Work

Please use one sentence to sum up your work - max 230 characters.

Impact and Priority - Main Grant

Please note: You can only choose Cultural education or Young people leaving care priorities if you have been invited to apply – these priorities are not open to general Expressions of Interest.

Use CRTL + click to select multiple options
Impact and Priority - Social Investment

Please note: You can only choose Cultural education or Young people leaving care priorities if you have been invited to apply – these priorities are not open to general Expressions of Interest.

Use CRTL + click to select multiple options
Impact and Priority - Infrastructure and New Ideas

Use CRTL + click to select multiple options

You can only select a maximum of 2 priorities

(This does not mean funding for a post within your organisation)

Do you operate in one or more distinct areas of the UK, or across the UK as a whole?

Please select from the fields below the Level and Geographic that will benefit from the work proposed.  (Note: you should only go down to the level relevant to your work so if you work on a national level you should select Level = 'Country' and then select Geographic as the relevant country. If you work at local authority level, you should select Level = 'Local Authority'.  If you benefit from more than one Level or Geographic, then you can select 'Add another geographical area'.

Please enter a round number (no decimals). Do not include the currency sign, or any commas.

Please enter the number of months, to the nearest whole month. There is no need to write "months".
Expression of Interest

Max 150 words

Max 150 words

You will be redirected to a Diversity, Equity and Inclusion monitoring form. You will know that all the information has been submitted when you are taken to a ‘thank you’ page.

We will then review your Expression of Interest and get back to you within the next month. In the meantime, if you have any queries, you can get in touch with us by emailing us.