FGC High School Program
FGC Gathering 2021
Welcome to the High School Staff Application. The 2021 Gathering will take place in virtual space from June 27-July 3. Our program model will resemble the HS Program at the 2020 Virtual Gathering - with multiple sessions each day including support groups, affinity groups, Meeting for Business and hang-out spaces. This year we plan to offer a half-day anti-racism and liberation training to begin the program on Sunday, 6/27.

A note about work grants: Since it has moved to a virtual format, the 2021 FGC Gathering will be Pay as Led. As a result, we will not offer workgrants this year. The intensive structure of the High School Program requires a big commitment from Staff. Your service to the High School Community is understood as your contribution to Gathering. There is no expectation that HS Staff contribute financially to participate in the 2021 Gathering. 

We're excited to have you join us! Please complete this form and press "Send" when you're done.

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(Why do we need to know this? We believe that the best groups have diverse staff.)

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Gathering Programs
Which program are you interested in staffing? Please select "lead" or "support" staff based on which role you'd like to serve for each activity. You do not have to sign up for every activity, only those which you'd like to help with!

Essay Questions
It is our intention to create a staff community that is built on trust, is spirit-led, open, and loving. Your answers to the following questions help us learn more about you in order to build and optimize a team that can work well together to create a transformative community for all participants- youth and staff alike. 
If you have served on HS Gathering Staff in the past year, feel free to be brief with your essay responses.

We ask that you consider and respond to the following queries:

Experience in last 2 years