The Prince's Countryside Fund - Grant Application - Spring 2021

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Eligibility Quiz

Please Note: If you are unable to check any of the required boxes below, your project will not be eligible to apply for funding from The Prince’s Countryside Fund. 

Please do not attach any information other than what has been requested, as it won't be considered. 

We are unable to return applications or documents so please make sure you have kept a copy. 

Section 1. Applicant Details 

1.2  Organisation Address *

1.6  Applicant Contact details

Please type your phone number without spaces

1.10  Correspondence Address (if different to organisation address)

Section 2. Project Overview



Section 3. Project Finances
3.1  Please provide a detailed Financial Plan, showing a breakdown of the cost of the project and how it will be funded (enter one item per line below) Please clearly state which elements of your project would be funded by The Prince’s Countryside Fund.
Item Cost Funded By? Date Cost Incurred
e.g. Planning Fees
e.g. Applicant

Section 4. Project Milestones, Outputs and Outcomes

In this section, you will need to show the project milestones, outputs and outcomes.

Milestones: Key events or significant steps in your project.

Outputs:  What will your project produce, e.g. 25 local residents will be helped with their shopping.

Outcomes: The benefits that your project is designed to deliver, e.g. residents are able to prepare their own, healthy meals as they now have access to fresh food. 

4.1 Project Milestones relevant to PCF funding (enter one Milestone per line below)

e.g. Shop fitted

This only needs to be an approximate date
4.2 Project Outputs relevant to PCF funding (enter one output per line below)

eg: Output- Number of emergency welfare packs distributed.

eg: 50
4.3  Project Outcomes relevant to PCF funding (enter one outcome per line below)

Section 5. Project Risks 

5.3  Complete this table by listing the main risks to success of the project and any steps you have identified to manage or mitigate them. (enter one Risk per line below)
Risk description Probability of risk occurring Impact of risk Action to manage or mitigate risk or impact

Section 6. Declaration

Please provide two signatories