Engaged Curriculum Grant Renewal Application

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For community-engaged learning to be central to Cornell, it must be a core part of curricula across the university, in majors, minors, concentrations and programs. To this end, Engaged Curriculum Grants create, expand and strengthen research and teaching fields by funding teams that are integrating community-engaged learning into curriculum exploration, development, and improvement. 

This renewal application is for teams who have received one year of Development Grant funding and are seeking one more year of Development funding. 

For more information see the Engaged Curriculum Grant (right click to open in new tab) page on the Office of Engagement Initiatives Website. 

Contact community-engaged-learning@cornell.edu with any questions or concerns. 


Using MLA or APA citation format, please list any academic publications and presentations that have been related to this funding. If you anticipate any upcoming publications or presentations, please highlight those as well. List other products that have been created (e.g., report, article, media, interview), as appropriate.


Provide an update on any new course(s)/program(s)


Contact community-engaged-learning@cornell.edu with any questions.