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Thanks for your interest in the College Forward program! As a graduating senior, you have the opportunity to join College Forward’s College Success Program.

What is College Forward, and what is the College Success Program?

College Forward is an organization that works to support students like you on their post-secondary goals. Our programs are free for all students.

When you join the College Success Program, you will be assigned a College Success Coach who will reach out to you regularly by text, phone, email, in-person campus visits (if applicable), and more. Your Coach provides:
  • Help utilizing on-campus resources
  • Guidance on talking to college advisors, professors, and counselors
  • Support applying for and accepting financial aid
  • Encouragement to set and achieve academic goals
  • Assistance in finding and applying for scholarships and internships
  • Help transferring to institutions (if necessary)
  • Social and emotional support
  • Connections to other College Forward students on campus

Have any questions about our program? Check us out on social media (@CollegeForward) or at
@collegeforward (Twitter)  @collegeforward (Instagram)  @CollegeForward (Facebook)

How do I sign up?

For High School seniors, click "Next Page" and complete our intro form to join the College Success Program today!

If you're not currently in your senior year of high school, you are still more than welcome to complete the interest form, but we won't be able to assign you a College Success Coach until closer to your high school graduation. 

If you experience any issues or have questions, please reach out to us at
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Please enter the digits only. Ex: 1112224444

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