BUV Statistics Information
Part A - Church Finances 2020

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Income information is used to calculate the annual BUV Membership Fees as endorsed by Assembly. For more information, please contact the BUV Finance Dept on 9880 6177 or finance@buv.com.au

* Income includes:
  • Tithes and offerings (designated and undesignated)
  • Mission contributions (regular support received for the ongoing support of local and overseas missionaries and mission agencies)
  • Investment income (interest, dividends, rental income)
  • Facilities hire
  • “Business income” (the surplus from any business; e.g. op- shop, book shop, café, counselling service)
  • Offerings to meet regular loan repayments
  • Government assistance packages including Jobkeeper, Cash flow Boost and other State Government grants received as a consequence of a decline in turnover

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Membership Fee 
Your Membership Fee will be calculated by our finance team based on your Total Adjusted Income. 
Total Adjusted Income = Total Income - Total Deductions.

Membership Fee is calculated as follows:

A - (Adjusted Income between $0-$85,800^) x 2.75%

B - (Adjusted Income above $85,801) x 3.75%

Total Ministry Contribution = A + B 

(Min:$150, Max $48,298^^)

^2021 Weekly Stipend: $1,650 ($85,800 per annum)

^^$47,938 (2020 limit) + 2021 Stipend increase of 0.75%
Thank you for completing Part A of your BUV Church Statistical Return.

The information you provide is important in capturing the breadth of Baptist Church activity across the State as well as the growth and demographics of our BUV Churches. Our BUV Finance Team will use the figures you have supplied to create your 2021 BUV Membership Fee invoice which will be sent by email.

If you have any questions in regards to your membership fee please don't hesitate to contact our Finance Team on 9880 6177 or finance@buv.com.au.