ACE Network Enrolment
Semester One 2021

We hope you enjoy this semester's honours and masters subjects!

Who can enrol?
Honours students, masters students, 3rd-year undergraduates and PhD students at Australian universities

Can I enrol if I don't attend an Australian university?
Enrolment is not open to students at universities outside Australia

How many subjects can I take?

As many as you can manage with your study load

Can I take my subject(s) for credit?

You may take ACE subjects for credit with the permission of your university. Please obtain permission before you enrol.

How can I decide whether a subject is right for me?

Read the subject guidelines and take the pre-enrolment quizzes available on the ACE Network subject timetable

Do I need to supply any extra information?

The details of your course coordinator (if you're not sure, email a lecturer or tutor to check)

How much does enrolment cost?

If you are currently enrolled at an AMSI Member University, ACE enrolment is free! If you're at a non-member Australian university, it will cost $500 per subject. Please open this link in a new tab to proceed to Eventbrite for payment.

Privacy notice

All information collected in this form is confidential. Your answers help us understand and better serve our cohort. The Australian Mathematical Sciences Institute respects the privacy of individuals and acknowledge that the information you provide on the form is personal information as defined by privacy legislation.
  • The information is being collected for the purpose of processing of enrolments
  • The intended recipients of the information are the Event Organisers and any service providers as required (e.g. ACE lecturers, course coordinators) 
  • The information which you provide is confidential and will not be disclosed without your consent unless the disclosure is authorised or required by law




Make sure your enrolment and credit selections match!


Please email with any questions