Newaygo Promise Zone
2021 Newaygo County Area Promise Zone Scholarship Application

Application due March 1, 2021
**There is a $50 late fee for submitting an application after the March 1st deadline
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To qualify for the Newaygo County Area Promise Zone Scholarship, students must:
  • Reside in the Newaygo County NC RESA service area. 
  • Achieve a minimum high school GPA of 3.0 (Final, unweighted). 
  • Graduate with a diploma from a high school within the Newaygo County NC RESA service area or a Newaygo County registered homeschool program (the homeschool must be registered with the MI Department of Ed. or with NC RESA). Unregistered homeschool students are not eligible.  Homeschool students will need to provide a transcript and SAT scores during the application process.
  • Apply to and accept other eligible scholarships from FAFSA, TIP, Fremont Area Community Foundation and The Gerber Foundation, etc.
  • Begin use of the scholarship funds within one year of high school graduation, and complete associates degree (62 credits) within 3 years from disbursement. 
  • Be enrolled as a full-time student (recommended 15 credits per semester, minimum 12 credits per semester). 
  • Be continually enrolled for all fall and winter semesters at Muskegon Community College until completion of the scholarship program (attendance during summer semester is optional).
  • Attend MCC or an approved apprenticeship program with a commitment to complete an associates degree. 
The Promise Zone scholarship will pay for up to 62 total credits towards an associates degree, and does not cover books and/or housing.

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