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By applying to C100's Membership, you are agreeing to the following Membership Principles:

  • Hands-On Support for Canadian Entrepreneurs and Rising Leaders: As C100 members, we hold unique and in-demand expertise. The success of the network rests on the nexus of our skills and the needs of those we support. The more we put into supporting the community, the more value we will gain as well.
  • Active Participation: We commit to being active participants in C100's mission and programs. It is through convening the community that serendipitous relationships can be made, existing ones deepened, and the network strengthened.
  • Accountability and Responsiveness: We value responsiveness and accountability in other members, and therefore we uphold the same standards for ourselves.
  • Referrals: We make best efforts to refer new members, entrepreneurs and other partners who fit with C100's mission.
  • Professional Conduct: We maintain the highest standards of conduct and engage in C100 events and the broader community at large in a professional manner, acting with integrity and respectfulness when interacting with all staff, members, guests and the general public.
  • Non-Solicitation: We refrain from proactively soliciting our services, products or employment with other members unless invited or prompted to do so.
C100 boasts a talented, dynamic and committed membership. By becoming C100 members, we are committing to serve Canadian entrepreneurs and the global Canadian tech community, to uphold C100's values, and to work together with fellow members to advance the cause.

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In order to be considered for membership, you must be sponsored by at least one active Member or Charter Member.


Please list your sponsor names and emails below. To make for a fast and easy process, you should obtain the support of your sponsor before submitting your application. Once validated, your membership will be activated. Note: This process may take several days or weeks.


Don’t know any members yet? No worries! You may still submit an application form and find a sponsor later. Please join us at an upcoming C100 event to meet the community and learn more about membership.

Please note, having a sponsor does not guarantee acceptance.


To finalize your membership application, please submit payment information for your membership dues upon sponsorship confirmation. Dues are $650 USD/year

Note: You will not be an active C100 Member or charged for your first membership installation until your listed sponsor has approved your membership application and C100 has approved your application for eligibility.

All membership payments are set to auto-renew on the same day and month of your initial membership approval date. Membership dues are nonrefundable and nontransferable. Should you wish to cancel your membership prior to your auto-renewal, you may do so by emailing

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