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Well-Being Tools for Practitioners and Youth Series


Participants areREQUIRED TO ATTEND ALL TRAININGSin the series and complete assignments in between trainings.  


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  • Introduction Part1 
  • Modeling Part 2 
  • Life Skills for Youth Part 3  

In theWell-BeingToolstraining series,practitioners will identify their sources of stress andlearnself-care and resilience skillswhile creatinga well-being plan to better navigate stress, improve work relationships and model well-being skills for co-workers and the youth intheir OST program.Practitionerswilllearn andpracticestrategies to helpyouth manage stress and improve theirwell-being andsocial-emotionalskills. 


Well-Being Tools for Practitioners- Introduction  

Training Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Discuss and explore the meaning of well-being and key concepts: self-awareness, resilience, mindfulness, compassion, empathy.  
  2. Identify the obstacles to well-being and evaluate the impact of stress on interactions with co-workers, youth and families served in OST. 
  3. Practice exercises and tools that promote self-care through creating a personalized well-being action plan.  

Well-being Tools for Practitioners - Modeling  

Training Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Recall self-awareness, stress management, and self-compassion practices and tools learned in previous session. 
  2. Reassess, revise, and extend well-being plans to include solutions and strategies that intentionally model well-being to peers and youth. 
  3. Examine the impact of self-awareness on brain function and health and relate to personal experiences. 
  4. Engage in practices that help model and transfer empathy, compassion and resiliency skills to coworkers and youth  

Well-being Tools for Practitioners – Life Skills for Youth   

Training Objectives 

Participants will: 

  1. Discuss and apply strategies for reflecting on negative thoughts and emotions. 
  2. Compare resources and strategies that teach youth practical life skills and coping skills. 
  3. Analyze strategies to assist youth in learning to express emotions in positive ways.  
  4. Practice activities that teach youth techniques to deal with stress and develop resiliency  

Core Competencies Addressed 

Core Knowledge Area – Interaction with Children/Youth: 

5.A: Promote meaningful engagement, leadership, and guidance of the children/youth – Entry Level and Level 1. 

5.C: Promote Positive Expression, Interaction and Group Experiences Between Adults and Children/Youth – Levels 1-3 

Core Knowledge Area – Family and Community Relationships: 

2.C. Model appropriate interactions with children, youth, families, providers, and other community members – Levels 1-3 


Primary QIS Scales Addressed 
Supportive Environment: 
II-F: Staff provides a welcoming atmosphere. 
II-K: Staff support youth with encouragement. 

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