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Those who are planning or considering Aliyah and want to arrive in Israel prepared. Gvahim’s extensive experience with assisting new immigrants to succeed professionally in Israel, emphasizes the importance of preparation before making Aliyah. The pre-aliyah guidance programs offer on-line workshops, CV adaptation to the Israeli market, job searching skills and much more.  

We offer three programs:

1) Series of three online 90 minute interactive workshops based on participants’ needs to successfully plan a successful career in Israel.

2) A three-meeting workshop in English to help create a personal social adaptation plan in Israel, learn about Israel society and your first steps to settle down.

3) A program for software engineers and data-scientists that offers 1:1 HR consultation, mentors, technical interview simulations, webinars and a strong community.


You can find more details on our website:

For more information and to ask for application deadlines, please contact 

Rachel Hamer Shemesh


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