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Before you begin:

If a Barbershop-style/A cappella arrangement is not available for retail purchase from the Barbershop Harmony Society ("BHS") or other distributor, BHS offers a service to seek the license which authorizes the creation of the arrangement and distribution of copies to your group. If you are interested in using this service, please complete and submit this form, authorizing BHS to seek the clearance on your behalf.

The cost of obtaining an arrangement permission through BHS varies and are set blindly by each copyright holder. For a no-obligations fee estimate for an arrangement clearance, or if you have any questions, please contact before submitting this form.
  • It typically takes 30-45 days to receive a response from most copyright holders; however, some holders respond within a few days.
  • Each singer using the arrangement must have their own legally cleared copy. (No sharing.)
  • The permission when secured will be specifically for your group.
  • The licensed group is responsible for making their own copies after permission is in place; copies will not be printed and shipped to you.
  • Should another group want to use the arrangement, they are required to re-clear the arrangement, unless the arrangement has since become published and available for retail purchase from a reputable distributor.
BHS will periodically contact the copyright holder regarding the status of your order; however, if a decision has not been received from the copyright holder within 90 days of your order submission date, the order will automatically be cancelled by BHS and no further follow-ups will be conducted.

PLEASE NOTE: Should you cancel your clearance order at any time after submission to BHS, or payment is not made on the order after permission is in place, a nonrefundable $50.00 USD cancellation fee will be charged to you/your ensemble/your chapter for single-song arrangements ($75.00 USD for medley arrangements). Future clearance order requests may be refused by BHS if nonpayment on past orders or cancellations are reflected in your customer record.

To get started, enter your email address below.

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Customer Information

If no director, please input the main contact name.

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Song Information

Copyright Notice/Owner information is typically found at the bottom of the first page of your sheet music.  If not available,  information can usually be obtained from websites such as,,,,, and other copyright-related sites.

Arrangement Copies

Please note: If you do not have a copy of the arrangement you wish to clear, contact to see if one is available in the BHS library. If available, a preview copy will be provided to you via email.

If a preview copy is not available from BHS, it is your responsibility to secure a copy from another source for your clearance order. Also, the copyright holder in the arrangement has the right to request and to receive a copy of the arrangement at any time. 

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Reference Copies

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Arrangement Information

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Payment Terms

You will be contacted via email when a decision is made by the copyright holder regarding your order. If the order is approved, the email will contain the total cost of the clearance, payment directions, and other relevant information.

Payment is due upon receipt. BHS accepts most major credit cards. A private payment link will be sent to you by BHS via email.

Once payment has been processed, a copy of your purchase record and copyright license will be shipped to you via U.S. Mail or email.

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BHS, as the customer’s independent agent for this order, will employ reasonable best efforts to secure the requested clearance order on your behalf for the song arrangement indicated on this form.

BHS cannot guarantee timing or response from copyright owners/holders. Most copyright owners/holders have the right and authority under law to set any fee, determine turnaround time, and even reject the request outright. For this reason BHS cannot guarantee licensure in whole or in part for any clearance order received for processing. BHS will notify you via email if your arrangement cannot be cleared by BHS on your behalf for any reason.

Should you cancel your clearance order at any time, or payment is not made on the order after permission is in place, a nonrefundable $50.00 USD cancellation fee will be billed to you.

Future clearance order requests may be refused by BHS if nonpayment on past orders or cancellations are reflected in your customer record.

BHS has the right and authority to refuse a clearance order for any reason. If a clearance order is refused you will be notified by email.

By submission of this clearance order to BHS, customer affirms they are not seeking a duplicate clearance through another person, agency, or the copyright holder for the arrangement indicated on the clearance order. Duplicate requests for the same arrangement and group can cause delays, higher fees, and/or rejection/denial of your request(s).

Additional information and resources regarding copyright in the United States are available at,,  and other reputable copyright-related websites. If residing outside of the United States, please consult with your local copyright society for assistance and information regarding copyright.

Your submission of this clearance order to BHS for clearance processing indicates your understanding and acceptance of the information provided on this form, including Payment Terms and Disclaimer/Notice/Terms.

The submission of this form does not constitute or imply permission.

A successful arrangement clearance does not include, imply, secure, or guarantee contestability. Consult with your singing organization or contest administrator regarding their policies for the contestability of any arrangement.

Any use of a copyrighted composition without formal permission is a violation of copyright law. The penalties for infringement can be as high as $150,000 USD per song. At a minimum a copyright holder may assess infringement fees well above the price of the original clearance fee.

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