The Chevra was created to address what many consider to be the # 1 problem facing the Jewish people: over 50% Jewish apathy, non-affiliation, & unawareness.


In our times, the sad reality is that many Jews have never been exposed to compelling answers for the basic question of "Why be Jewish?" And even for those who have, many have not found appealing channels through which to express their Jewish involvement. The Chevra confronts these realities by reaching out to Jews in their 20's & 30's... Through a warm, inclusive, non-judgmental atmosphere, The Chevra empowers the Parents and Leaders of tomorrow to access a deeper connection to their heritage – providing enriching experiences so that each Jew can make an informed decision about his or her unique Jewish journey.


Please be The Chevra’s partners in connecting Jews with community, meaning, & the richness of their precious Heritage!  Contributions are tax deductible.

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