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                as part of iFoster TAY AmeriCorps 2021 

iFoster TAY AmeriCorps Supports California's Vaccinate All 58 Campaign!
iFoster TAY AmeriCorps Members are joining the fight against COVID-19! We will ensure vaccine roll-out happens with equity and prioritizes our most vulnerable populations - current/former foster youth, foster/kinship families, front-line workers, low income, Hispanic, African American, and new immigrants. Members will conduct outreach, inform residents of the need to vaccinate, and help vulnerable residents schedule vaccination appointments. 

Please contact me about TAY AmeriCorps job opportunity

Please check all the scheduled time-blocks you could work.

9am-1pm 12pm-4pm 4pm-8pm

Questions?? - call, email or text us and one of our team members will be in touch asap: 
Phone 1-855-936-7837
Email support@ifoster.org