CRN Application for ongoing program

The CBAA welcomes applications from community radio program makers whose programs have the potential to go nationwide. We get a lot of submissions, so here are some tips on how to make the most of your opportunity. Before you submit a program to CRN, discuss the idea with the program coordinator or committee at your station. Get their feedback and advice. Is the program as good as it could be? Will it work for a national audience? If not, what adaptations will it need? Will you be able to provide programs every week without fail?

Phone CRN staff to talk about your idea. We can provide feedback on the angle you're going to take. Your program will have much more chance of finding a home on the CRN program grid if it’s offering something different.

Programming policy
- CRN programming decisions are guided by the Community Broadcasting Codes of Practice. As such, we’re looking for innovative content that
- Promotes an inclusive and culturally diverse Australia.
- Expands the diversity of viewpoints and programming choices available, especially those underrepresented in the media.
- Supports Australian arts, music and culture.
- Provides a voice for views underrepresented in the mainstream media. And we're very keen to be offering stations content that would be a challenge to create themselves.

Production of a pilot
- DO send in a fully-fledged pilot for a national audience, in broadcast quality audio
- Record and mix down to WAV format, which will be converted to a stereo 320kbps MP3 for upload
- Levels should peak no higher than -3dbfs; leave plenty of headroom during production to ensure no clipping or distortion
- For music use CD-quality source material, not MP3(Contact us for further production specs if required) DON’T send a program containing time calls, local weather and traffic references etc. CRN programs are rebroadcast by stations all over the country and may be at any time of the day.

Content suitability
The Community Radio Network distributes programs to stations right across Australia, in rural, regional, suburban and metropolitan areas. The need to provide consistency to a wide range of audiences sees program-making requirements such as
- Suitability for a nationwide audience. Excessive use of strong language and local references are usually inappropriate.
- Content must be delivered on time and consistently, with backup programs provided for emergencies.
- Local sponsorship announcements are in most cases unsuitable.
- Specific program length requirements, most often 27’50 and 55’50. (Lengths for short pieces and one-off specials are not as restricted).
- Willingness to create publicity material for your program.

CBAA staff, Advisory Committee members and/or experts on the subject matter will consider the presentation, content, and technical production.

Application form
Please fill out the form below and allow a 60-day turnaround on applications.
You will need to provide expression of support from your station’s programming coordinator (or similar).
Address posted items to: Program applications, Community Radio Network, c-/ CBAA, PO Box 564, Alexandria, NSW 1435