Membership Campaign

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Nonprofit New York strengthens and unites the nonprofit community. Benefiting the 42,000 nonprofits in the New York City area and directly engaging over 4,000 nonprofits annually, we’ve been building knowledge, community, and advocacy power in the nonprofit sector for 35 years. We believe that healthy nonprofits are better equipped to focus on their mission and services. Guided by our Key Areas of Nonprofit Excellence, Nonprofit New York helps nonprofits reach new levels of effectiveness, adaptability, and impact so that they can continue achieving their missions and serving their communities no matter what. In order to uplift and provide support for organizations closest to their communities, Nonprofit New York is holding a campaign to provide  two-year organizational memberships to 100 BIPOC-run organizations with budgets under $250,000.

A $100 donation will provide a nonprofit organization with a two-year membership, providing access to:

  • Over 100 in-depth trainings designed to make organizations stronger and build skills;

  • Group-buying program, which saved $2.5M for our members during the pandemic;

  • On-demand assistance to answer their most pressing problems, save time, and reduce stress;

  • Collective action, so that we can build a movement together to strengthen the entire nonprofit sector, engaging policy makers and influencers, sharing policy updates, and uplifting voices of the nonprofit sector. 

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