Music Scholarship

Personal Information


To apply, record a video of yourself performing two contrasting pieces and upload it to YouTube. Include the title of your pieces in the video description on YouTube. All virtual auditions will be reviewed by a Southern Virginia professor, who will respond in a timely manner with a decision.

Note: For piano applicants, at least one of the pieces must be classical.

Instrumental Fellowship (optional)
Strings, winds, or brass players interested in applying for an Instrumental Fellowship should also upload a video with additional requirements:

Strings: 3-octave major and minor scales + arpeggios in one of the following keys, at a steady tempo.
  • Violin: any key except G
  • Viola, Cello, or Bass: any key except C
Winds & Brass: 2-octave chromatic scale, tongued in one direction and slurred in the other.