NYSNA COVID & Staffing Diary
NYSNA needs to hear from all members regarding the conditions in your hospital during this Omicron crisis period.

Documenting inadequate staffing and other unsafe conditions can help protect yourself, our practice, and our patients. 

Your report is not anonymous due to the nature of this service. However, NYSNA will not use your name or contact info for any report we generate, nor will we share it with your employer or any third party. 

We will email you a copy of this form. Please save it for your records.

Do not provide any individually identifiable health information protected under HIPAA in this section.

COVID-related conditions

Adequate PPE for treating COVID-positive patients includes an N95 (or higher level) filtering respirator, of the size and make fit tested for, worn for one patient care session; a fluid-resistant or impermeable gown; gloves; and goggles or face shield.