ECF/Lilly Endowment National Initiative: Seminary Debt Reduction Grants 


ECF/Lilly Endowment National Initiative: Seminary Debt Reduction Grants

We're excited that you've decided to apply for a seminary debt reduction grant!

The online application for admission is broken down into several pages. Please complete the information on each page, review your information at the end, and then submit your application. 

If you have any questions, please reach out to Kjerstin Besser at

Keep in mind that:
  • All fields marked with an asterisk (*) on the application are required.
  • You must have scripting enabled on your browser in order for the application to function properly.
Thanks for applying!

Applicant Information

Contact Information and Diocesan Information


Please estimate all sources of financial support and expenses for the 12-month period beginning January 2021. Please enter an amount for each category, using zero if no estimate is available or if not applicable.


Supporting Documents - Personal Statement and Resume


By submitting this application, I acknowledge the following: 

-ECF will not disclose any personalized information to an outside individual or organization without my written consent.

If I receive a grant:

-I agree to participate in evaluations and other feedback related to the grant and the broader Initiative.

- I agree to review with a financial planner/advisor or Church Pension Group representative my plan to reduce my seminary debt.

- I may be provided with assistance associated with the tax consequences of the grant.

Please review your application thoroughly before pressing the "submit" button. 
Questions? Please contact Kjerstin Besser, Associate Program Director, at or 800-697-2858.