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2021 College horizons Parent/Guardian form

Note to Student: You do not complete this form – please have a parent/guardian complete it.

Dear CH Families, 

We are working to streamline the application process and make all parts of the application electronic to eliminate printing, scanning, and/or mailing hard copies. We will NOT ask families to mail copies of their tax forms, rather we will have you summarize tax information.

Please note that this year, will be asking parent/guardian(s) to complete 3 forms: 

  1. Parent/Guardian Form
  2. Family Financial & Tax Summary (Will be sent at a later date)
  3. Participation Waivers (Will be sent at a later date)

April 9, 2021 - 11:59pm MDT

March 31, 2021 - 11:59pm MDT

Primary Parent/Guardian Contact
Due to the remote structure of the program, we will need to be able to communicate application and program updates regularly with parent/guardian by email and phone. Please ensure this information is correct and complete.

We ask for families to identify one parent/legal guardian to serve as the primary contact for this summer’s program.

Parent/Guardian Reflection

COVID-19 Impact
The following questions are OPTIONAL. Please share only what you are comfortable disclosing. We are trying to get a full picture of your family's situation and this information allows us to identify resources and additional support that may be helpful.

Income & Tax Information

Family Structure for Financial Aid Counseling

Household Information

Please indicate the relationship and age for each family member in the parents' household below - to add a person, click the "Add a person" button in the lower right corner of this grid.

Relationship: Mother; Age: 45
Relationship: Brother; Age: 10
Relationship: Age
Household Member
Household Member
Household Member
Household Member
Household Member

In your household, how many individuals who are listed on the tax return (including parents) are currently in college? Do not include household members who file as independent.

Federal Assistance & Dislocated Worker

Additional Information & Resources