HCCF Community Projects Fund Application

Application Deadline: October 29, 2021
Awards Announced: November 19, 2021

Guidelines and General Information about the HCCF Community Projects Fund:

  1. The purpose of the HCCF Community Projects Fund is to offer financial assistance to nonprofit organizations that strengthen:

    1. Food access or food production;

    2. Sustainable environmental initiatives;

    3. Community services; OR

    4. Cooperative principles and activities

  2. Eligible recipients are:

    1. Nonprofit, non-denominational, and nonpartisan (not affiliated with or promoting any political party or candidate);

    2. Non-discriminatory on the basis of race, creed, gender, national origin, age, sexual orientation, or physical disability;

    3. Those that primarily benefit the Upper Valley region of New Hampshire and Vermont as defined by the Vital Communities Service Area.

  3. Funding requests can be between $500 and $2,500 in aid, with exceptions for noteworthy need. All applicants will receive notice of the status of their application.

  4. Grants are expected to be used for their stated purpose within one year of distribution. If necessary, grantee may request an extension of the grant period or return unused funds to the HCCF.

  5. Grant recipients will provide a report of their project status 6 months after receiving the award. Applications can be made in successive years provided a project report has been submitted each year. Recipients are asked how they plan to credit HCCF in their project notices and media.

Fill out this section with work-related information about the primary contact for the application process. 

Fill out this section with information about the Executive Director or equivalent in your organization. 

Our charitable giving themes are at the top of this form.

Please describe your project and explain how current events might influence the need for it

Please identify the specific activities you will implement and when they will be started and completed.

(Including amount requested from the Hanover Cooperative Community Fund)

$2,500 maximum.

Please attach:

  • At least two letters of reference. One should be from the Executive Director or Board Chair of the Organization.
  • Project budget, if applicable
  • Certifying letter of non-profit status
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