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“Online facilitation and digital education in the creative and culture sector”

A series of virtual trainings for cultural managers on online facilitation and digital tools to (re)connect, exchange and learn from each other

24 - 26. 03. 2021- part 1 

7- 9. 04. 2021 - part 2  

 9.30 am - 1.30 pm

As cultural managers we have multiple roles. One of them is the role of a facilitator for different group processes. In the offline world there is always space for improvisation and switching from one method to the other, as all you need is the experience and some papers and pens.  

In the online world, things are different. And although digital tools had been ubiquitous in the everyday work of cultural professionals even before the corona pandemic, many of us still struggle with online facilitation and are overwhelmed by the huge number of online tools. It is true that online, without physical contact, you cannot do all the same activities as during face to face meetings… but that doesn't mean the online can't be as effective, and perhaps even more entertaining!

If you are wondering how to use the potential of digital tools and agile methods to properly prepare engaging online training/workshop/meeting, this training is for you. No matter if you understand yourself as a trainer, facilitator or instructor, we will work on using online methods to facilitate human contacts and learning.

We would like to invite you for a peer-to-peer exchange on the topic of online facilitation and tools you are using in order to avoid the online fatigue of yourself and the people you are working with. Based on that you will get the chance to work on a prototype for your own practise and test it with the group.

This training aims at empowering educators and facilitators in preparing their online events by providing them with specific solutions and frameworks for critical evaluation of existing tools. After the workshop participants will know what works, what does not work online and why. Most important, they will be able to choose what will work for them.

We will be talking and practicing:

  • why the simplest elements of preparation such as invitations, instructions and other work happening before online meeting are important;

  • the different sense of time during online meetings and how to take advantage of it;

  • how to use the potential of asynchronous tools and methods (like video recordings) to make most of the time when meeting live;

  • how to manage participants’ energy not only with breaks and the use of webcams but with different activities while taking care of everybodies’ well-being;

  • how to choose proper digital tools enhancing our online meetings;

  • when and how to use digital whiteboards, shared documents, breakout rooms and brainstorming apps to facilitate process, boost creativity, organize work and allow better participation, not limited to voice and their level confidence,

  • most importantly, how to grasp not only the challenges of digital communication but also it’s potential to improve how we work and educate, without getting too overwhelmed with flashy new software.

The methods we are going to use “learning by doing”: practicing different tools (a lot!), discussing the results and brainstorming different problems and solutions we can encounter while preparing online events. This is how, after 3 days we hope this workshop will help you find joy in meeting and teaching people online.

Who? Cultural educators and practitioners already experienced with online education or interested in learning more.

When? 24-26.03 - part 1 and 7-9.04.2021 - part 2 // 9.30 am - 1.30 pm - 

Please note, that it is a series of meetings, so attendance in all 6 meetings is required.

Where? online

The training will be led by:

Anna Kuliberda (Nürnberg, Germany), coach, educator and facilitator supporting activists and non-profit organizations in management, innovation and change with the “Human not Robots” perspective. Founder of “The Radical Act of Self-Care“, a community against activists’ burnout. More at www.annakuliberda.com

Kamil Śliwowski (Warsaw, Poland) – Media literacy, open educational resources and online privacy animator and educator. Loves to learn by teaching others and researching new topics for his blog and newsletter (otwartezasoby.pl). For 10 years he was involved in Creative Commons movement and organisation, both in Poland and internationally. Co-authored educational program of Central Technology Hub in Warsaw (cdt.pl). Currently helps with the digital transformation of NGO's and educational institutions with the wellbeing of workers and students in mind.

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Online facilitation and digital education in the creative and culture sector

Online Training 24.-26.3. and 7.-9.4.2021, 9.30-1.30 CET

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We would like to understand which is your experience in online facilitation so far to prepare for the training. In case there are more than 30 applications we would also take your given answers in order to put a group together that can benefit from each others experiences.

We will inform you with an e-mail about the details of the training not later than March 23rd.

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