NEW Mentor Application 2021-2022
                              Deadline: June 21, 2021

          Active Mentors: Please DO NOT fill out this application! Look out for the End of Year form on June 1 where you will indicate how you would like to stay involved next year. If you have any questions, Slack message your Staff Pod Lead.

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Thank you for your interest in volunteering as a Girls Write Now Mentor!

Before you begin this form, please review the guidelines at

For questions, email

Deadline is June 21, 2021.

Please note Girls Write Now's programs have historically taken place at our headquarters in midtown Manhattan. However, we have developed fun, innovative and effective virtual programs to either replace in-person activities or to supplement them. 

Required Attachments

In addition to completing this application, you should also have ready the following required attachments for the application (maximum file size per attachment is 20 MB):

  • One (1) writing sample or links to online work, max 1 - 2 pages

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It is Girls Write Now’s policy to provide equal opportunity to all volunteers regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, disability (including victims of domestic violence), age, sex, marital status, sexual orientation, veteran status or citizenship. This policy applies to all Girls Write Now activities including, but not limited to, recruitment, hiring, compensation, assignment, training, promotion or any other characteristic protected by law.

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Contact & Personal Information

For example: she/her, they/their

Your answers to the following questions are for reporting purposes only and do not affect the status of your application.

Work Information
Please provide your three most recent employers, starting with your current and primary employer.
Current & primary employer

Please provide the address for your current/ most recent employer. We only ask for the address of your current/most recent employer for matching purposes. Safety permitting, we would like Writing 360 mentees/mentors to meet in-person. Given this, we want you both to have as short of a commute as possible. Please note we cannot guarantee a short commute to meet with your mentee.

Additional Employer
Please provide your second most recent employer.

Additional Employer
Please provide your third most recent employer. To add an additional employer, please click on "Add another response" in blue text in the bottom right hand corner of the screen. Adding more than three employers is welcomed but optional. 

Please answer the below questions for every educational institution you have attended. You can add another institution by selecting the "Add another response" in blue text (lower right hand corner of this section).

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Writing 360 Availability & Participation
Please review our program requirements below and indicate whether you can commit to each one:
For the 2021-22 program year, we will transition to a hybrid model with in-person pair sessions and small group events/activities, health and safety permitting. Our requirements and your commitments remain the same whether virtual or in-person.


Yes, in person
(safety permitting)
Yes, virtually Yes, BOTH in-person & virtually No


Yes No

Writing Works Availability & Participation
Please review our program requirements below and indicate whether you can commit to each one:
For the 2021 - 2022 program year, Writing Works events will be virtual. However, we may have some optional small group in-person events/activities that you are welcome to attend, health and safety permitting.


Yes, in person
(safety permitting)
Yes, virtually Yes, BOTH in-person & virtually No


Yes No

Writing, Teaching and Mentoring Experience & Skills

WRITING 360: Based on your interest and experience, please rank the top five genres in which you would like to work with your mentee.

WRITING 360: Please rank up to five mediums in which you have experience and expertise.

 Do you have any experience in the following areas?
Yes No
WRITING WORKS: Please rank your preference to work with a certain mentee age group. To guide your decision-making, the below outlines the general differences between the age groups:
  • High school student: More of a focus on college preparation (personal statement, college interviews, scholarship applications, internship applications, time management etc.)
  • First & second-year college student: More of a focus on college success and career readiness (study tips, time management, career exploration, internship & job applications, job interview skills, etc.)
  • Upper-level college & graduate student: More of a focus on career readiness (career exploration and success, networking, job applications/interview skills, salary negotiation, etc.)

WRITING WORKS: Please note that while we will take your preferences into consideration, we cannot guarantee you will be matched with your first or second choice age group.

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Additional Information
Please note all short answer responses are limited to 200 words.

References & Background Check
Please provide us with two references, one professional and one personal. If you are an employee, your business reference should be a supervisor. If you are self-employed, the reference can be someone with whom you are currently doing business. We also request one personal reference who can speak to your character more personally, including your ability to work with youth. We prefer references who have known you for at least two years. Please do not list relatives.
Reference 1: Business Reference

Reference 2: Personal Reference

We will be conducting a criminal background check for each applicant who moves to the final stage of the enrollment process. Background checks are conducted in accordance with the standards set forth by MENTOR: National Mentoring Partnerships of New York, our insurance company, and applicable federal and state law.

By entering your name here, you acknowledge that:
This application—with exception of my personal writing sample—becomes the property of Girls Write Now. To the best of my knowledge, the statements made by me on the application are true and complete, and I have withheld nothing which would, if disclosed, reflect adversely on my application.