Bank of America Summer Youth Employment Application

Acknowledgment for Frequently Asked Questions

Only applicants who have read the frequently asked questions below (also found on will be considered. 

Q. What is the Bank of America Summer Youth Employment Program? 
Bank of America Summer Jobs program is a partnership between SERJobs and Bank of America to provide summer work experience for young professionals (ages 16-24) residing in the Houston Area. SERJobs is able to operate this awesome program for the ninth year in a row thanks to Bank of America’s generous support! 
Q. How many youth will be able to participate in the program? 
The program will serve 61 participants between the ages of 16 and 24. 

Q. How long is the program? 
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE: The program, its duration, start date, and format are subject to change based on local COVID-19 guidelines and/or restrictions. 
  • FOR NONPROFIT POSITIONS: The employment portion of the program is up to seven to ten weeks. 
  • FOR FINANCIAL CENTER POSITIONS: The employment portion of the program is a 8-week  internship program.
  • Participants are required to attend a job readiness training session for two weeks prior to their first day of work. 

Q. How much will interns be paid? 
The pay rate for the work experience portion of the program will be: 

  • FOR NONPROFIT POSITIONS – $13 per hour
Q. Where will I be working? 
10 interns (must be ages 18-24) will participate in a 8- week financial center internship program. These interns will be required to have access to a personal computer and have internet access at home. 
51 interns (ages 16-24) will be placed at a one of the various participating non-profit organizations in the Houston area.  
Nonprofit organizations that have hosted interns in previous years include:  
  • Adult Reading Center 
  • Alley Theatre Play Makers Camp 
  • Alliance of Community Assistance Ministries, Inc 
  • Arte Publico Press 
  • Asia Society 
  • Avenue CDC 
  • Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Houston 
  • BridgeYear 
  • Buffalo Bayou Partnership 
  • Capital IDEA Houston 
  • Catholic Charities of the Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston 
  • Children's Museum 
  • Communities In Schools of Houston 
  • Community Family Centers 
  • Discovery Green 
  • East End District 
  • Fifth Ward Redevelopment Corporations 
  • Girl Scouts of San Jacinto Council 
  • H.E.A.R.T. Program 
  • Holocaust Museum Houston 
  • Houston Area Women's Center 
  • Houston Ballet Foundation 
  • Houston Food Bank 
  • Houston Symphony Society 
  • Interfaith Ministries For Greater Houston 
  • Memorial Assistance Ministries 
  • Memorial Assistance Ministries - Literacy Advance program 
  • Menil Collection 
  • Mission of Yahweh 
  • Neighborhood Recovery CDC 
  • San Jose Clinic 
  • SERJobs 
  • Society for Performing Arts 
  • The Alliance 
  • The Women's Home Cottage Shop 
  • United Way of Greater Houston 
  • Wesley Community Center 
  • Workshop Houston 
Interns will receive their worksite assignments during job readiness training. 
Q. What does the position at a Bank of America Financial Center entail? 
The Bank of America Virtual Financial Center internship will provide interns the opportunity to develop professional skills and learn about work in the financial sector.  

Interns will learn about Bank of America products and services, Better Money Habits, Client Care, resume building, additional professional development curriculum and how to prepare for a job interview. 

For interns to participate, they will need to have a computer/laptop and internet at home. Interns will also need to complete a background check and fingerprints through the Bank of America System. 

Candidates for this program should be: 
  • Eager to learn about the financial industry
  • Comfortable engaging with managers and mentors in a virtual environment
  • Able to complete training and projects independently 
  • Willing to participate in compliance training and training about banking services

Q. How will you match me with an employer/worksite? 
Factors that will contribute to the decision of where you will work include (but are not limited to): 
  • Your schedule of availability to work 
  • The location of your primary residence during the program (proximity to host agencies) 
  • Your primary mode of transportation/the distance you are while to commute for work 
  • Your career interests & skills 
  • The needs of the employer/host agency 
Q. When will I know if I am selected for the program? 
You will be notified two weeks prior to the start of the internship if you are selected. And if accepted to participate, you will be provided with details regarding your attendance for the required job readiness training session at that time. 

Q. Will I be required to complete a personal internship culmination project as part of this program? 
Yes. All Bank of America Summer Youth Internship Program interns will need to complete one of two culmination projects prior to the end of their internship. Interns will be able tasked with completing either an informational interview report on a professional from your worksite or a digital story on the organization where you intern this summer. Check out for a great example of a digital story completed by a 2019 intern! 

Contact our team at or 713-773-6000 ext. 123. 


  • In order to be considered for a summer job and work as an intern with this program, you must be between the ages of 16 to 24 on June 17, 2024 (for youth interested in 1 of 10 financial center positions you must between the ages of 18 to 24. (Must be 18 by June 17, 2024)

  • 51 intern positions are available at various non-profit organizations. Most work sites are located within Houston city limits and within the 610 Loop. 
  • 10 intern positions are available at financial centers. Interns for the financial center positions must be 18 and over. 
  • In order to work as an intern with this program, you must be able to show proof that you are eligible to work in the United States.
  • The application must be completed by the applicant and not a parent, relative, or teacher. As such, the applicant will need to provide their personal email/contact information and not their parent's contact information. 

Must be 4 digits.

Applicant's Primary Residence

Enter your Apartment number. If you don't have an apartment number leave space blank.

Emergency & Alternate Contact Information for Applicant

If the Bank of America Summer Employment Program is unable to reach you, the Emergency & Alternate Contact Information may be used to inform applicants if they have been selected for an interview.

Provide First and Last Name

Education Information

Additional Information

If you heard about BOA through an organization or school, please list their name here.

Demographic Information

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Please include yourself if you meet this criteria.

Please include yourself if you meet this criteria.

Are you currently receiving any of the following forms of public assistance? 

This information will not show in the application report and will not affect your eligibility to participate in this program.

This information will not show in the application report and will not affect your eligibility to participate in this program.

Personal Banking Information

Your responses to the following questions WILL NOT be used in the selection process of the Bank of America Summer youth Internship Program participants. 

Your Skills, Abilities, & Interests

Rate your level of experience in each of the following areas. Please be honest about your skill level, abilities and interests. This information will help us connect you to an appropriate internship opportunity.
Financial Center Positions
Please note. To be eligible for the Financial Center positions you must be 18 years or older and have an interest in pursuing a career in the financial industry.

Interest in a specific industry is not required to be selected for the Bank of America Summer Youth Internship Program.

Word, Outlook, and Excel.

Ability to use powered equipment: weed eater, mower, trimmer, etc.

Includes having an interest in working with children.

Includes filing, organizing, compiling materials, etc.

Including but not limited to: sales experience, cash-handling/cashier experience, shipment processing, merchandising, etc. 

Interest in a specific industry is not required to be selected for the Bank of America Summer Youth Internship Program.
While we do our best to match accepted interns to work sites that match their interests, no specific requests are guaranteed. Please choose your top 3 choices for what you are interested in doing this summer. Please be honest about your interests as this information will help us connect you to an appropriate internship opportunity.

If you are taking any vacations, leaving town, attending summer school, taking Driver's Ed, or otherwise unable to work at any point between these dates, please answer YES.

Keep In Mind
Since family or friends will be driving you to the workshops and/or to work, it is important for you to have a conversation with them now about your transportation needs during your participation in the  Bank of America Summer Internship.  Please keep in mind that the average one-way commute time in Houston is 26 minutes.
Keep In Mind
Since you are relying on public transportation to get to the workshops and/or to work, it is important for you to recognize that your commute may be longer than 1 hour due to normal bus schedules and routes. Consider this factor when deciding on your participation in the program.  

We have support available through our partnership with Dress for Success and Career Gear. Your answer to this question will not affect your chances of getting into the program.


We use the following essay questions to get to know you a little better. The more detailed you are about your career plans/aspirations, the easier it will be for us to match you to a meaningful internship opportunity. Any applications with essays of less than 50 words will not be accepted.

Minimum of 50 words required. All entries with less than 50 words will not be considered.

Minimum of 50 words required. All entries with less than 50 words will not be considered.

Employment Experience

Please list your most recent employer first. You may also include any significant volunteer work that you have done. 

Previous work experience is not a requirement for this program.

Most Recent Employer

Street, City, State, Zip Code

First Name & Last Name


Please list 2 references who can provide information about your work or academic experience and behavior.  

Preferably, references should not be family or friends.  If possible, please provide information for previous coworkers, teachers, coaches, or support staff at organizations you are a member of or volunteer at.
Reference 1

First & Last Name

Reference 2

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Opportunity to Receive Extra Benefits

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Certification of Information

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I certify that the information provided in this application and all related documents is a true and accurate representation of my experience and abilities, and that it was completed by me, the applicant. 

I agree to let the Bank of America Summer Youth Internship Program administrators, SERJobs, verify the information I've provided, including previous employment, education, references, and background. I will not hold the Bank of America Summer Youth Internship Program or it's project partners liable for information found during this verification or making employment decisions accordingly. 

I understand that if information I have provided is found to be false, my application my be cancelled or my employment may be terminated. If I am selected, I acknowledge that there is no specified length of employment, and that this application does not constitute an agreement or contract for employment. I understand that this is a Summer Jobs program and I do not expect employment beyond the duration of the program.

SERJobs is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Bank of America Summer Youth Internship Program, administered by SERJobs, do not and will not discriminate in employment and personnel practices on the basis of race, sex, age, handicap, religion, national origin or any other basis prohibited by applicable law. 

I understand that it is the policy of the SERJobs not to refuse to hire or otherwise discriminate against a qualified individual with a disability because of that person's need for a reasonable accommodation as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). 

I also understand that if I am employed, I will be required to provide satisfactory proof of identity and legal work authorization within three days of my first day of employment. Failure to submit such proof within the required time shall result in the immediate termination of my employment. 

By typing my name in the electronic signature section and clicking "Submit", I understand that I am affixing my legal signature on this document and submit my application in good faith.

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