PCP Team Application

PCP Mission: To catalyze meaningful change in the way we relate to each other within the healthcare ecosystem to improve the quality of interactions, outcomes, and lives of every individual.

At the core of this effort is Relational Leadership™ —  the art and exercise of cultivating relationships as the first step to creating meaningful, sustainable change. From our suite of workshops that equip clinicians and teams with the skills to thrive, to our student programs that empower the next generation to have community impact today, our focus is on helping individuals and care teams succeed in today’s challenging healthcare environment.

Your Mission Statement: Look at the big picture of what your Team would like to focus on. To be effective, your team needs to figure out its mission. A mission clearly articulates what your team is going to do, and why it's going to do this. This will not only direct your efforts toward something that is both important to you all and achievable, but it will also help you recruit others to your cause. A mission statement should inspire Team Leaders, as well as potential Team Leaders, to action.

Some general guiding principles about mission statements to keep in mind are that they are:   

Concise. Mission statements generally get their point across in one or two sentences.
Outcome-oriented. Mission statements explain the fundamental outcomes your organization is working to achieve.
Inclusive. While mission statements do make statements about your group's key goals, it's important that they do so very broadly. Mission statements should reflect your commitment to engaging stakeholders and impacting your institution and/or community.  

Team Expectations 

Please review each item and select the appropriate response.

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**Please note that failure to meet these criteria will result in teams being moved to Affiliate status.**

These questions are aimed to get a sense of availability for scheduling calls and events, to better inform and assign coaches and Cohorts and when to provide relevant resources

PCP Team Members & Faculty Advisors

Please choose just ONE primary and ONE secondary contact per chapter leadership team.

Add PCP Team Members & Faculty Advisors

Please choose just ONE primary and ONE secondary contact per chapter leadership team.

Independent Project Cohort: A collaborative learning community for PCP teams that are working on independent, action-oriented longitudinal projects. Teams are provided with ongoing Relational Leadership™ training and are assigned a coach and a cohort of other teams from across the country to support their learning throughout the year. 

This information is to help us know when you'll need resources and support throughout the year