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Shakespeare Players Camp /  Ages 7-12
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Once we have verified your referral code and name, and that you are a enrolling new camper, we will refund $50 of your enrollment fee!

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Terms of Service

  1. Behavior Policy: Students participating in the Virtual Bay Area Shakespeare Camps are expected to meet the same standards of behavior as are required in their regular home/school setting, including such standards as normally apply for online learning environments. Major infractions, such as online bullying, prohibited imagery, or any behavior that makes the online learning environment unsafe for others will result in immediate dismissal from camp without a refund.
  2. Home study & rehearsal environment: You agree to provide a safe physical environment for your child, suitable for online learning, with minimal distractions. The space should include an area clear of furniture and large enough for your child to stretch, dance and move about safely; be acoustically isolated enough for your child to sing, shout and speak at full voice without disturbing others in the household; be free of pets, siblings and other potential distractions.
  3. Technical requirements: Your child will need an internet-enabled device (a computer, ideally, or a tablet) with a working camera, speaker and microphone (headsets are acceptable) and a stable connection to the internet throughout the camp day. If possible, your child should also have access to a text-enabled mobile phone for backup. Battery-operated devices should be charged overnight so they are at full charge in the morning, and charging cables should be readily available during the day in case they are needed. 
  4. Photo Release: By agreeing to these terms, you give permission to have photographs and/or video taken of your child during camp, and to use any such photos/video for promotional purposes.
  5. Transfer/Cancellation Policy: Transfers from one camp to another, on a space available basis, may be made prior to the start of the session. If you transfer more than once, a $25 administrative fee will be assessed for each additional change. There is a $100 fee for cancellation up to a week prior to the start of camp. No refunds will be made within a week before the first day of camp.