Hot Docs Independent Cinema Relief Fund

There are 14 grants of $2,000 each available. While we wish we could offer funds to all eligible applicants, submission of an application does not guarantee you will receive a grant. However, we have designed this application so that it can be completed in a minimal amount of time. 

Funding will be awarded based on a juried process that will consider greatest need and geographic representation.
To be able to receive funding, applicants must:
  • Be located in Canada.
  • Operate a physical space where the primary purpose is exhibiting films to public audiences year-round.
  • Be an Independent Cinema. You cannot be publicly traded or have more than 4 locations.
  • Have exhibited at least three feature length documentaries in the 12-month period prior to pandemic closures.


Contact Information

If multiple locations, please indicate your Head Office's address

Cinema Information

What Was Your Gross Revenue From Ticket Sales In:

What Was Your Largest Net Reduction In Revenues As A Result Of The Pandemic?

Hot Docs recognizes that each business has different fiscal year ends and cash flow patterns. You may compare any two months that are one year apart - e.g. April 2019 vs. April 2020 or July 2019 vs. July 2020, etc.

As a percentage

Days do not have to be consecutive and you don't need to include days where you were open for concession sales but not exhibiting films.
Additional Information: