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Incidents of racism, discrimination and hate motivated by hostility towards disability, race, religion, sexual orientation or transgender identity can hurt people and, in some instances, constitute a crime.

If you have experiences of such incidents in your bursary placement we encourage you to notify the pastoral staff at your school. If you feel unable to tell them, please use this form to tell us. By providing details we can follow-up with your schools and make sure that appropriate support is in place. 

The form contains some questions and a section for you to provide a brief outline of what happened. We will then ask you to provide your contact details. If the information suggests that you, or someone else, is at risk of harm, we have a duty to report this. 

With any disclosure we can’t promise that we will keep details completely confidential as it may be that we need to share the information with those that are best placed to help you but we can guarantee that we won’t share it with anyone beyond those that really need to know. 

If you do decide you want to use this form anonymously, there is a risk that we will not be able to do anything to change your situation but it may help us to understand broad themes and you may be able to prevent these incidents happening to somebody else.

You can also report incidents and allegations of criminal behaviour to any of the organisations who support affected communities, including:

Stop Hate UK (all incidents/hate crime)

Tell Mama (anti-Muslim incidents/hate crime)

Community Security Trust (anti-Semitic incidents/hate crime)

GALOP (anti-LGBTQ+ incidents/hate crime)

True Vision (all incidents/hate crime)

In Scotland, you can use the Police Scotland online reporting form -  

Data Protection                                                                               

The information you provide will be stored confidentially and only accessible by Royal National Children's SpringBoard Foundation staff. However, if the information that you have provided suggests that you, or anyone else, is at risk of harm, we are required to disclose this to third parties.
The information you have provided may also be used anonymously for reporting purposes.