Ten Year Changes: DIDD and TennCare Services

Federal Comment Form

Tennessee Disability Coalition on Blue Background

TennCare and DIDD are planning to make changes to the recently approved Medicaid Block Grant, which will be locked into place for ten years. The changes alter the programs and health insurance plans that support vulnerable Tennesseans, including those on the DIDD waiver programs.


The proposed changes raise many issues, which include:

  • Putting people on the DIDD waiver into managed care for their community services
  • Restricting what medications people will be able get
  • Limiting who is allowed to be on the TennCare Select programs
  • Granting a 10-year waiver approval without a federal comment period, instead of normal 5 year period


The State must get permission from the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare Services (CMS) before they can make these changes. 


CMS is currently seeking public input. Your voice is important. If this waiver is approved, you will not have the opportunity to voice your concerns to CMS for 10 years.

Comment on the concerns below that are relevant for you and your loved ones.


The deadline to submit a comment is _____________.