Fannie Mae Shared Equity Homeownership Duty to Serve Certification Application Form 

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BACKGROUND: The purpose of this application is to help create more lending options for homeowners in your program by indicating to lenders that your program meets Fannie Mae’s interpretation of the Duty to Serve definition of shared equity homeownership. (Learn more about Duty to Serve here.) 

Why does it matter if my program meets this definition? Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac are working to increase mortgage purchase activity for loans to buyers in shared equity programs. Currently, lenders must determine if your program meets the Duty to Serve requirements for every loan they purchase from the program, which can be time and resource-intensive for both parties. Fannie Mae is streamlining the process by compiling a list of programs that meet the shared equity homeownership definition to share with lenders. This is your opportunity to get your program(s) on that list and minimize the burden on you and your lenders to provide programmatic information at closing. 

What is this application for? Completing this application now may place your program on Fannie Mae’s list of Duty to Serve-certified shared equity homeownership programs through 2024. The application consists of contact information, six key questions about program terms in your legal documents, and a few other details needed for follow-up. If your program meets the Duty to Serve definition of shared equity homeownership, it should significantly reduce your administrative workload at each closing with Fannie Mae partner lenders during this period. You’ll be reminded annually to re-submit this application if your program has changed in a relevant way, and you’ll be asked to renew your submission at the beginning of the next three-year period in 2025.

INSTRUCTIONS: Please provide your contact information below, review it for accuracy, and click “Submit and Begin Application.” After filling in your contact information, the system will pull up any previously completed applications for the entity on your legal documents. If no programs appear—or you would like to add additional programs—you will be able to fill in information about your program. You should have your legal document(s) between your program and homeowners available, both for reference and because you will need to upload a template or representative legal document. 

You will not be able to save and re-open your application, so please be prepared to complete it in one sitting. Most practitioners are able to submit one program in as few as 10 minutes.

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