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The Circl Leadership Training Programme gives under-represented 18-26 year olds the opportunity to learn vital leadership and coaching skills alongside professionals from top businesses such as Google, Facebook, Mckinsey, CBRE, British Land, Ebay, Hello Fresh, Allen & Overy and Zurich Insurance.

We want to support young people whose background would traditionally be a limiting factor in them becoming a leader. This means primarily we look for those with household income below average or are/were on free school meals (or the equivalent in your country). We do take other factors into consideration which can include first-gen to go to university, single parent family, disability, etc - please ensure you meet the primary criteria to be eligible for this programme.

You'll be matched 1 to 1 with a manager, and together you'll go through our virtual training programme (conducted over zoom) to learn how to be an effective leader. You'll be treated as equals, and at the end you'll get the same management level certification (it's worth over £1000, but completely free for you!)

Watch this short video to find out more

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Fill out the short form on the next page to register your interest. The Circl team will be in touch with further details within a few days. Keep an eye on your emails!

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If your application is selected you will be invited to book an interview online with a Circl team member to let you know more about the programme & answer any questions you have. We expect all applicants to be fully committed once allocated to allow for the best experience, so please be prepared to answer questions around your commitment and availability.

Please ensure, that once invited, you book your zoom interview within 1 week of applying as we take people on a first come first serve basis due to high demand.

Please use a personal email or an email you access throughout the
year as we may contact you during school/university holidays

Please note: we are unable to accept applications from those under the age of 17 or over the age of 26.

At Circl, we want to support young people whose background would traditionally be a limiting factor in them becoming a leader. Therefore, we need to ask the following questions to help us understand your background & circumstances. Please answer the following questions:
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5 Minute Video Submission

In order to help us with the vetting process and assess your suitability for the programme, 
we would like you to submit a 5 min max video recording covering the below pointers:
  1.  A brief introduction of who you are and what you are currently up to 
  2. In your own words, explain what you believe the programme is about and what it entails
  3. A brief explanation of how you fit our criteria of being underrepresented (Here is a little detail of what we mean by that!)
  4. Tell us how you plan to maintain commitment throughout the programme alongside studies, work etc
How to upload your video:
  • Record the interview portion of your application using whichever platform works for you (we recommend your standard recording device on either your phone or laptop. Alternative recording platforms such as loom or zoom are also acceptable
  • Once you have finished your recording and saved in your files, go to and drag files into the upload box, or click the box to select a file to upload
  • Once your file upload has been completed, you will be given a unique, shortened URL
  • Copy the unique URL code you receive from Ufile and paste it in the box provided below on this application for
  • You can copy the URL with one click, by tapping the copy icon next to the URL box

Top Tips Before You Get Started:
  • Be in a quiet and well lit area, we need to be able to see and hear you
  • Look directly into the camera as much as you can 
  • Read the questions aloud before answering them, it will help the Circl team keep track of which questions you are answering!

N.B. - Your data will be kept confidential and will not be shared with any third parties. We will not keep a record of your information for any longer than is required.