Sutton Trust Alumni Awards 2021: Get your nominations in!

Last year we hosted our first ever alumni awards and were hugely impressed by the achievements of our alumni community. We cannot wait to hear about the amazing things our alums have done in the year since then!

This year we are opening nominations for the following categories:
  • Outstanding achievement (for alums who have excelled)
  • Social mobility activist (for alums who have worked to improve social mobility)
  • Unsung hero (for alums who have made a difference responding to the Covid pandemic)
If we feel your nomination is better suited in another category, we will consider you for that category. 

If you would like to nominate yourself or another outstanding alum for an award, please fill in the below information.

Please email if you have any questions.

Nominations close Sunday 23 May.

If you took part in more than one programme, please tell us the most recent one you took part in. If your programme ran over multiple years, please write the year in which your programme started. If you aren't an alum, please just let us know how you're involved with the Trust.

You are fine to nominate them either way

If known

If you feel like the reason you are nominating this person could fall under multiple categories, you can simply pick one for now and the judges will assess if it is in the correct category.