Emerging Talent Survey

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Wildscreen want to make the natural history industry more inclusive, diverse and accessible. We are creating a programme of resources to support emerging talent and provide access to skill development, opportunities and experience.
To make this scheme as valuable as possible, we want it to be shaped for emerging talent by emerging talent. To achieve this we have produced this survey. We want to hear about your personal experience as emerging talent within the industry and from your responses we will create resources that are beneficial, supportive and useful to you and the next generation of talent.

We define emerging talent as anyone within the first four years of their career in the television and film industry, covering students, graduates, aspiring filmmakers - regardless of age or background.

This survey should take 5 minutes and your information will be kept anonymous. If you have any additional access requirements in order to complete this survey, please get in touch with the Wildscreen team at hello@wildscreen.org


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