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* Kids for Peace will feature all certified companies on a dedicated web page. Companies which are members of the Kindness Certified Chamber of Commerce program will also be featured and recognized by the respective Chambers.

Please provide your company website link and we will happily link your logo when featuring you on our KfP and participating Chamber websites.

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Values & Aspirations

As a Kindness Certified Company, we will: 

Be Good To Our People

We will embrace diversity, inclusion and equity.

We will communicate with respect and kind words

We will celebrate and honor one another

Support Our Community

We will make an annual donation of any amount to a nonprofit serving our community

We will volunteer for at least one community service project annually

Be Kind To Our Planet

We will make environmentally-conscious decisions 

We will take earth-friendly actions

Create A Better World

We will do our part to create a kinder and more compassionate world 

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