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General Program Information
The SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund provides capital grants for arts and culture nonprofits that have been negatively impacted by the 5M development project and have a substantial track record of serving the South of Market (SOMA) neighborhood in San Francisco. Ideal projects will be one-time, real estate-related investments that catalyze long-term sustainability for the organization and long-term anchoring for the SOMA community. There is $540,000 available in capital grants for acquisition, construction, predevelopment activities, and one-time operating expenses. Organizations interested in applying for a grant from the SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund must submit a Letter of Interest (LOI) of no more than two pages addressing the review criteria below. For further instructions, please see the LOI Guiding Prompts here. 

  • Mission fit (20 points): Describe your organization’s focus on the practice, exhibition, or performance of creative activity, artistic expression, cultural preservation, and community healing, and how the mission is reflective of the communities served.
  • Track record and organizational impact (20 points): Tell us how your organization has meaningfully engaged the SOMA community before and during the 5M project, and share your organization’s most important accomplishments and the impact they’ve had on SOMA-based beneficiaries.
  • Project’s long-term impact on organization (20 points): Explain how the proposed project will catalyze long-term sustainability for the organization.
  • Project’s long-term impact on community (20 points): Explain how the proposed project will catalyze long-term anchoring for the SOMA community.
  • Impact of 5M on organization (20 points): Describe how the 5M development has negatively affected the organization and its beneficiaries, and what the future impact of the project will be on your communities.

Letters of Interest are due on Friday, July 23, 2021 at 12:00 pm PST. The system will shut down at this time and will not accept late submissions. Submit your LOI early to avoid any technical issues. You must upload your LOI in PDF or Word format in the corresponding field. Click the "submit" button at the end of the page when ready to submit.

The SOMA Cultural Anchor Fund is administered by Community Vision and supported by the San Francisco Arts Commission. For questions about the Fund, please email

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