Crafting Community Project - Kensington Project Survey

Interfaith Philadelphia and its partners are proud to offer the Crafting Community Project in Kensington and surrounding neighborhoods (including Fishtown, Fairhill, Norris Square, and Northern Liberties). This community-based project offers intergroup art and educational programs to build relationships between different (and at times divided) religious and cultural communities.

A community survey was circulated throughout February and March, and based on survey results, the community has chosen a Festival of Food as the Community Art Project!

This project will highlight the power and diversity of food, faith, and culture in the neighborhood, with the opportunity to highlight the chain of food production/distribution, as well as different food and cultural practices. Offerings may include panels, a community cookbook, or cooking/gardening classes. 

The Crafting Community Project and Festival details rely heavily on community input, needs, and collaboration. In this spirt, this project survey will remain open throughout the duration of the production and launch of the Festival of Food. Please use it to share any insights, ideas, interests, or concerns you have regarding this project or Interfaith Philadelphia’s work in the Kensington area.