Alt Prime Bank Statement Calculator

Please complete all fields. Bank Statements can be securely uploaded at the end of the questionnaire. All requests submitted with a complete 12 months of bank statements will be completed within 24 hours.


What is commingled?:

  • A commingled bank account simply means that a borrower runs their life and business out of a single personal bank account.
  • Since they do not separate their personal and professional financial transactions, we must assume that all the business expenses come out of that one account.
  • That is why we treat a commingled bank account the same as a business bank account and use an expense factor to determine the borrower’s true earnings.


  1. At least one applicant must be self-employed to qualify.
  2. Credit Score used for qualifying is the lowest middle for all applicants.
  3. Minimum credit score is 660.
  4. Maximum DTI is 55%. Additional restrictions apply.
  5. If NSF activity, additional restrictions apply. Consult your AE for specifics.