Kindness Certified Company - Annual Self-Certification Survey

Each Kindness Certified Company is asked to complete the below annual self-certification survey.
If you wish to be considered for the inaugural Kind Company Inspiration Award (as part of the CBAD Awards held by the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce on May 20, 2022) please be sure to answer all questions, providing additional details of your projects and initiatives. 

Thank you kindly!

We certify that we uphold the values and fulfilled the Kindness Certified Company requirements:

We support our community:

We made an annual donation to the following nonprofit organization(s) serving our local community:

We volunteered for the following community service project(s):
Please list at least one community service project. Thank you.

*By typing your name in the signature field, you are affirming that your company has upheld the values and fulfilled the Kindness Certified Company requirements to the best of your ability.