Kinship's manifesto pledge for kinship carers

Kinship (formerly Grandparents Plus) calls on all political parties and candidates in the Welsh Parliament elections to support a vision for a society in which all kinship carers and the children they care for in Wales are recognisedvalued and supported

Wales has the highest proportion of kinship care in the United Kingdom. 

Kinship carers step in to care for children whose parents are unable to look after them and keep families together. They keep children out of the care system.  

Will you support them?  

An estimated 10,000 children are being brought up by family members or friends in Wales - that’s one in 67 children

Kinship care often begins in crisis.  A child whose parents are unable to care for them, for whatever reason. It’s frightening, confusing and heart-breaking.  

It is life changing and challenging raising children who’ve lost their parents, but kinship carers do it without a thought for themselves because they put the children first.  

We’re asking you to pledge your support for kinship carers in Wales. Please add your name below.  

If elected to the Senedd in 2021 I pledge to push for these four key priorities for kinship carers in Wales: 

  1. A Kinship Care Act: 
    Kinship care must be recognised in law.  
  1. Specialist and independent advice:  
    Kinship carers can access the allowances and benefits they are entitled to.   
    They have access to free, independent legal advice to make informed decisions about the care arrangements they make for the child. 
    Kinship carers can access and be signposted to peer support groups in their local areas.  
  1. Comprehensive support: 
    Specific and personalised support matching the needs of every kinship family as soon as they are asked to look after the child, for as long as they need it.  
    This includes financial support, one-to-one and peer support, support with contact, priority housing and targeted support for all kinship children.  
  1. An informed and supportive network: 
    All agencies, organisations and service providers trained and working together to provide an integrated response to the challenges of kinship care.  The response is focussed on the needs of the kinship children and their families, for as long as they need it.  

I am proud to pledge my support for kinship carers in Wales: