Matthew George Young Stockman Award Application

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About the Award

This annual Award is offered nationally July to May with the winner being announced at the Royal Melbourne Show. The Award provides an opportunity for young breeders, aged 18 to 25 years, to undertake a study tour of Australian beef cattle breeding programs, developments and practices. As well, they act as young ambassadors for the beef cattle industry in Australia.

Applications are open to individuals involved in the breeding and development of any breed of beef cattle within Australia who are wishing to undertake an overseas study tour with the aim of improving Australian beef cattle breeding practices.

The Applicant must be an Australian citizen, currently residing in Australia and aged between 18 and 25 years of age, having turned 18 years prior to January 1st of the year of application or turning 25 years before December 31st of year of application.

The Applicant must be able to demonstrate that they are a breeder or are working within the beef cattle industry and have a strong interest and long-term commitment to the Australian Beef Cattle industry.

For full terms and conditions and application requirements please ensure you read the Award Criteria 2021 prior to commencing your application.

Applications close at 5:00pm Friday 25 June 2021

If you have any questions regarding this application please contact the Ballarat Foundation:

Your Information

Education, sporting, hobbies and other interests

Involvement in the Breeding Industry

Charitable and community work

Field of study proposal

Provide a detailed presentation on the field of study applied for, the purpose and details of the expected outcomes and the way in which these outcomes may influence breeding activities in Australia. 
This can be uploaded as word or pdf document and should be no more than 4 pages in length. 


Please upload your three written references with referee contact details:

                            i.        Professional referee

                          ii.        Personal referee

                         iii.        Industry referee.

You can upload any other supporting document here:

Acknowledgement and document checklist:

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