2021 IR Residency Practicum Sponsorship Opportunities

Company Information

(Information listed in this section may appear in official Residency Practicum materials/communications.)

Contact Information 

Residency Practicum Corporate Opportunities
Attending Sessions/Badge Registration 
  • (2) complimentary badges will be allocated for each sponsorship opportunity that your company secures (from each option listed below - symposium, banner, e-blast, exhibit).
  • A maximum of (6) complimentary badges may be accumulated this way.
  • CAP partners will be allocated an additional (2) complimentary badges (for a maximum possible total of 8 complimentary badges).
  • Additional badges will be available at $100 per badge.
  • Please note: badge registration is required in order to access/attend this virtual meeting.
Engage/Educate Directly (Corporate Symposia) 

40-Minute Corporate Symposium: Morning  --  SOLD
40-Minute Corporate Symposium: Mid-Day  --  SOLD
40-Minute Corporate Symposium: Early Afternoon  --  SOLD
40-Minute Corporate Symposium: Late Afternoon  -- SOLD 

Corporate Symposia Features:
  • Lead generating 
  • Metrics provided
  • Includes custom background
  • Symposium recording will be provided within (2) business days of the meeting's conclusion
  • Live audio/visual support included (excludes pre-recording and post-editing services)
  • Seamless integration w/ Practicum platform
Advertise Prominently (Virtual Meeting Platform Banners)

Platform Homepage Ad - Large, 1 of 2 (Exclusive to One Company) -- SOLD
Platform Homepage Ad - Large, 2 of 2 (Exclusive to One Company -- SOLD 
Platform Homepage Ad - Standard, 1 of 2 (Exclusive to One Company) -- SOLD 
Platform Home Page Ad - Standard, 2 of 2 (Exclusive to One Company) -- SOLD

Advertising Features:
  • Lead generating 
  • Metrics provided
  • Advertisement linked to web address of company's choosing
  • Large ad specs:           300 px x 500 px    (.png file format)
  • Standard ad specs :    300 px x 300 px    (.png file format)
  • Seamless integration w/ Practicum platform
Communicate/Message Directly (Custom Corporate E-blast)

E-blast Features:
  • Your company's content/messaging
  • Your subject line
  • Send date of your choosing (availability permitting)
  • Requirements: Company provided HTML file
Optional Virtual Exhibit

Exhibit Features:
  • Lead generating
  • Customize your company profile 
  • Videos (Up to 6)
  • PDFs   (Up to 8)
  • Social media links
  • Opportunities for attendees to request information
  • Post-meeting metrics
  • Optional real-time video chat option (please contact us to request activation of this feature)
  • Seamless integration w/ Practicum platform
Total Commitment

Payment and Fulfillment Instructions 

Upon receipt of your order form, SIR will provide you with an invoice to facilitate payment. Additionally, SIR will contact you to provide instructions on fulfilling the opportunities selected.

For questions, please contact Susie Evenden, Sr. Manager, Corporate Relations and Commercial Support, at sevenden@sirweb.org or (703) 460-5586.